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Aspects of maternity care in Hispanic women

Objectives: To have an increased exposure to numerous cultural groups in regard to practices surrounding maternal-newborn issues, to indicate nursing interventions that would be implemented and to present knowledge gained to the clinical group.  Each student will be assigned a specific culture.  Discuss an aspect of maternity care related to the assigned culture.  The paper should include, but not be limited to, information on superstitions, family roles, nutrition, pain and contraception methods.  Be sure to explain how the information obtained applies to nursing care.  All information should be pertinent to nursing practice here in the United States.  This paper is to be typed (APA format). Include a title page, abstract, introduction, conclusion and reference page. The body of the paper must be 3 – 5 pages.  Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Please make sure all information is properly documented (APA format).  Use at least 3 peer-reviewed professional references from the past three years.  Each student will do an oral presentation on their assigned culture to the clinical group. The presentation is not to be read from the paper.  Due date for oral presentation and typed paper will be assigned to group on the first clinical day.

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