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Assess the current organisational requirements for marketing metrics

TASK 1 – REPORT Assessment criteria covered in Task 1: AC1.1, AC1.2, AC1.3, AC1.4, AC1.5, AC2.1, AC2.3 Please refer to the module specification for assessment criteria details. In your role as a Marketing Manager, you have been asked by the SMT of your chosen organisation to produce a report on the role of marketing metrics in informing business strategy in TWO contrasting market sectors. Required:

(a) Provide a background to your chosen organisation that gives an overview of the customer base and the level of maturity in its ability to utilise metrics across a range of scenarios. (5 marks)

(b) Assess the current organisational requirements for marketing metrics used to inform business strategy in your chosen organisation. (10 marks) (c) Appraise the potential challenges of using the metrics identified in Task 1 (b) within your chosen alternative market sector. (15 marks) (Total – 30 marks)

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