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Compare in your own words Plato’s Moral Views with Aristotle’s Moral

There are only 3 reaction papers required for the whole semester and these will be submitted at the assignment board. The reaction paper will serve as a take home examination. The deadline for submission is posted at the class schedule (Confer class schedule). Upon reading the assigned topic from the textbook or any attached articles, some guide questions will be posted beforehand so that the students can easily grasp the key ideas from the assigned topic to be reflected on for the essay. The first two reaction papers must be limited to at least 1000 words or roughly one to two pages and single spaced while the final reaction paper is limited to at least 1,500 words or roughly two to three pages and single spaced. The reaction papers must reflect the student’s objective understanding of the philosopher’s moral views and application of the ethical theories to the student’s view on human nature and the context where the moral issue is situated. Kindly review the criteria for assessing a reaction paper in the syllabus.


. All the following points/questions must serve as your guide in writing the reaction paper regarding topic on “Virtue Ethics According To Ancient Greek Tradition” After reviewing and summarizing Module I-IV (from the Pre-Socratics to Aristotle), introduce your essay with what do you think would be the general characteristics of ancient moral sources After reviewing chapters 2 and 3 from our textbook and reading “Aristotle’s Ethics” from the web: Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, “Virtue Ethics “at the web: Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, compare in your own words Plato’s Moral Views with Aristotle’s Moral Views. Which moral element/ principle from the two philosophers do you follow most and why? Basing from the view of ancient Greek moral philosophers, how will you define Virtue Ethics? Evaluate (positive and negative points) the present practice of Virtue ethics in work settings (ex. health care, business, politics, etc.) The paper should be 1000 words long

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