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English 1A Research Proposal Assignment

Create a proposal for a piece of original and meaningful research based upon the following research prompt: Conduct an in-depth, comprehensive critical analysis featuring—note that there is a difference between “featuring” and “about”—Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale and the first episode of Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale, using essay #3 as the foundation of your argument.***IMPORTANT NOTE***We are not writing a research paper. We are writing a research proposal based upon the above prompt.The proposal should include the following 3 sections:

1. The proposal: The proposal section should be a 250 word (minimum) description of your proposed research topic, including your thesis statement. Why is your research important? How does it expand/extend current research? What do you suspect the outcome of your research to be? (a preliminary thesis statement is a sensible way to answer this last question)2. Methodology: This section will be brief, likely one page only (250 words), and will detail your approach to this topic. What types of sources will you seek? Why is your approach the most appropriate way to go about your research?3. Annotated works cited: This will be a list of potential sources for your proposed research. The list should be at least 10 sources long, including The Handmaid’s Tale episode “Offred” and the novel. For each entry, you should include a brief paragraph (2-3 sentences) summarizing the source and another paragraph (2-3 sentences) explaining how you expect the source to be useful to your research. This alternative assignment definitely entails a good deal of work, but I believe you will find it fun as well as a nice break from the usual drudgery of writing papers (although I enjoy writing papers).Due dates (each stage is worth 10% of the research paper grade, and the final submitted proposal is worth 60%):Week 6, day 1 Rough thesis/hypothesis and “Proposal” section due in-classWeek 6, day 2 Methodology and 5 sources w/annotationsWeek 6, day 3 5 more sources

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