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Julia vs Python vs R Model building & prediction phases for

The English (UK) has to be flawless. The material (entirely) has to be at PhD level.

The attached template has to be followed. The background of Julia vs Python vs R – has to rely on big data [colected from phones/sensors/SaMD devices/wheater etc for personalized medicine as a base for predicting abnormal/dangerous variations of individual hypertension). The research article structure has to: 1. Use DB’s like or other DBs (but the link must be accessible) 2. Has to include chapters (not exactly in this order): Intro (max 0.5 pag); state of the art (max 0,5 pag); Implication for practice (max 0,5 pag);

Conclusions (max 0.5 pag); Methodology (0.5 pag); Julia vs Python vs R for researchers (max 1 pag); Julia vs Python vs R for business applications (max 1 pag); Julia vs R in predicting hypertension (using DBs from upper git-links)- min 3 pages (with max 0.5-1 page of coded algorithms but only if is original/important); Future works (0.5-1 pag in the context of Smart medical services [e-Ambulance] in Smart cities).

#Julia #Python #Model #building #amp #prediction #phases

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