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LOG301 SLP2: SLP Assignment Expectations

Please continue the analysis of the organization you picked in SLP 1. Review the topics covered in this Module, and pick one example of good supplier management, as practiced by that organization.

Explain in detail. If it happens that your organization is notably lacking in good supplier management, please explain why. What could they do better? In your discussion, try to identify the “low-hanging fruit;” that is, the supply management initiative that would achieve the most good, in the least time, at the lowest cost. Again, you should explain in detail. SLP Assignment Expectations Don’t write in checklist form. Integrate the information you find into a well-constructed essay. You may not find specific information relating to this assignment. In that case, you will need to “fill in the gaps,” using your understanding of the company you’re analyzing, plus the sources listed on the Background Info page. Blanchard, D. (2009). 10 strategies for managing suppliers. Retrieved on 21 Feb 2015 from Chenoweth, M. et al. (2012). Best practices in supplier relationship management and their early implementation in the Air Force Materiel Command (RAND Project Air Force). Retrieved on 21 Feb from Comer, M. & Beaumont, M. (2003). Strategic management of suppliers: An Australian case study (Monash U.) Retrieved on 1 Mar 2015 from*

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