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My Story Is Painted On My Body: Chantelle Brown-Young

 Diverse Communicator Critical Analysis Paper: You will be tasked with writing a paper that is 4- 6 pages in length, excluding cover and reference pages. You will be required to use APA formatting and conduct research. For this particular assignment, you will be analyzing and evaluating a speech given by a notable communicator who is a “champion” for diversity. A grading rubric is provided in the syllabus. It will be discussed in detail prior to the submission date. REQUIRED TEXTBOOK FOR PAPER Bell, M. (2017). Diversity in organizations (3rd ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning. ISBN: 9781337296502 Bundled with MindTap for Cengage. Speech Approved by Professor: Transcript for Speech: Your work should be typed and double spaced. • You should use 1” margins and a 12-point font. • All papers must have an APA style cover page. • Writing assignments will be docked significantly if you do not use appropriate spelling, grammar, sentence and paragraph structure, and style. Rubric For Paper: Introductory Paragraph • Captivating attention getter• Brief overview of professional communicator (a few sentences)• Clear and concise thesis statement that covers all main points (three required) Body Section #1 • First main “thesis point” covered clearly• Two or more Bell (2017) in-text citations included Body Section #2 • Second main “thesis point” covered clearly• Two or more Bell (2017) in-text citations included Body Section #3 • Third main “thesis point” covered clearly• Two or more Bell (2017) in-text citations included Critical Analysis Section • Integration of scholarly reference(s) to substantiate or refute your argument. At least “one” must be a “new” article, unused anywhere else in the paper, that someone wrote about the speech. Summary (Conclusion) • Clear summation with direct ties to introductory paragraph Grammar/Punctuation • Correct grammar usage (e.g., spelling, subject/verb agreement, and punctuation) American Psychological Association(APA) Formatting • Cover page (running head, etc.)• Subsequent page formatting correct• Major headings (bold and centered)• Proper in-text citations for direct quotations and paraphrased elements• In-text citations align with those on reference page• Concise reference page formatting (all required references included; minimum of three).

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