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Read Jesus Behaving Badly by Mark L. Strauss and write a five-page boo

*Students will read Jesus Behaving Badly by Mark L. Strauss and write a five-page book “response” (5 full pages, double-spaced, 12 pt font, 1” margins). *State the bibliographic entry (as on p.1 in the syllabus) at the top of page 1. Strauss, Mark L. Jesus Behaving Badly. IVP, 2015. *Then, respond and interact with five of the 12 chapters in Strauss’ book (chaps. 11 & 12 are required; other 3 are your choice). *You are to interact & engage the issues… not summarize… your thoughts to the issues and Strauss’ perspective… pros & cons… strengths & weaknesses… *Please note in parentheses (not footnotes) any pages from which you cite or base your remarks.

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