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Research a DMO or CVB in the U.S. Discuss what you learned about the

Please research a DMO or CVB in the U.S. Discuss what you learned about the organization via their website. Your discussion should include, but not be limited to: Visitor attractions, how they assist meeting planners, what you learned about the RFP process, what activities they participate in (i.e. site inspections, leads, tours, etc.), what activities and services would you recommend to a group of meeting planners for meetings and events, activities and services you would recommend to individuals, and your overall assessment of how well the location marketed itself. Sources for the research: There are literally hundreds of DMO’s / CVB’s in the U.S.

All major destinations and numerous secondary destinations have them. We learned that Cape Girardeau has a CVB. The following link may assist you in narrowing down a location to research. double spaced TNR 12 point

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