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Restorative Justice

In addition to learning about the traditional forms of justice and rationales for sentencing, you were introduced to the theory of restorative justice in this module. This type of punishment system removes the state as the primary victim and instead requires that those most directly affected by a crime are involved in responding to it and determining how the behavior will be addressed. In this discussion you will evaluate a sample of restorative justice programs and determine which would be most suitable for implementation. For this discussion, review Chapter Fifteen in Mallicoat and Gardiner’s Criminal Justice Policy. The author details five restorative justice strategies. Review these five strategies. For this discussion, imagine that you are a local mayor who needs to determine which strategy of restorative justice to implement for your city. Identify two strategies that you think could be most successful if implemented. In your response, include the following: Explain the benefits and drawbacks of each strategy you selected. Identify the policy issues that would arise with implementation of each of the strategies. Choose one of the strategies to implement and justify your decision.

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