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What is Ideal Love

 What is love? (For instance: What is ideal love? What is real love? What does society and culture say “love” is and are your ideas different than this? Does love exist, or is it an illusion or an idealization? Etc.) This short paper should be about 500 words long (definitely no less than 300 words long and no more than 800 words long), and in standard essay format (double spaced, with indented first lines to paragraphs and no extra space between paragraphs). This essay will be graded on (A) how interesting it is and (B) the use of standard written English. (A) To make it more interesting, try not to float off into vague generalities (such as “Love is a beautiful, wonderful thing; it is the greatest thing”). This is a tendency that writers have, so be careful. Such vague generalities do not really say much or anything at all. Try to find some way to make your essay grounded in definite or concrete things. If speaking about love, think about actual relationships, and try to make it interesting. For instance, is there a downside to love? Can we love too much? Can a mother, for instance, smother a child with love? This might be one direction to try to make the paper more interesting. (B) Make sure that you express your ideas clearly and in proper grammar (or standard written English). You should proofread it very carefully. Sometimes reading it out loud helps a writer catch problems.

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