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An analysis report of intellectual Property Management (IPM) of the

*Please review and go over the following official Website of China Steel company: before you start to write this report paper. Your task and guideline for this report writing: -Please ANALYZE and RESEARCH the Intellectual Property Management (IPM) and Intellectual Property Strategy (IPS) of the China Steel company AND -Please WRITE and ANSWER the following 13 ITEMS in this report assignment. Item 1 : Please write The background of the China Steel company (around 200 words for item 1) Item 2: Please analyze and research on What is the Intellectual Property Management of China Steel Company as well as the development of IPM of China Steel Company. (e.g. What is the Intellectual Property Management models and applications process for China Steel Company?…) Item 3: please write an introduction and insert a table to demonstrate the basic ideas for the IP protections of Patents, copyright, trademark, trade secret and design in this report. Item 4: please write and analyze What the IP protections does the China Steel Company have/ own to protect its technology inventories/ products (E.g, Using Patents, copyright, trade mark, trade secret……to protect?) AND please write The details of china steel company’s Intellectual Property protections as mentioned. Item 5: please analyze and research on What are the Intellectual Property strategies of China Steel Company. Item 6: Please write and integrate technology with China Steel company’s business strategy as well as integrate processes and technology with China Steel company and its technology management procedure. Item 7: please write What technology assets (e.g. intangible or tangible assets) does China Steel company have/own? Item 8: please write What Intellectual Property does China steel Company have/own? Item 9: please write How many patents does the china steel company have/own as well as the details of its patents. Item 10: please write What are the benefits of the Intellectual Property protections for the China Steel company and provided with details. Item 11: please write How to maximize the benefit of the company’s Intellectual Property? (e.g. IP used by company alone ? or IP shared with other suppliers in order to maximize the benefit of the company IP?) Item 12: please write What is the cost of Intellectual Property protection of the China Steel company as well as how much does the company invest on its IP Management? Item 13: Please write what are the difficulties or challenges when the China Steel company applying for patents and other IP protections for its technology inventories and products and provided with details? Also, you may use any other supplementary information/ table available from your analysis and research in this written report.

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