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DRIVE by Daniel Pink read Chapter 4,5,6

Read Chapter 4,5,6   MODULE 2: MOTIVATION Paste the questions/activities below at the end of your Journal for Module 1 and answer the questions. This entire journal, with all 4 parts, will be uploaded by you as one Word document at the end of March. Use the headings given for each section. Each module’s exam is based on these response logs/journals and, in this case, the last two books. 1) RESPONSE LOG: In your response log, create a heading that states MODULE 2: MOTIVATION. In your log, based on PART THREE, section “Type I for Parents and Educators” of the book Drive (Pink, 2009), choose ONE of these activities to respond to, either a or b: a) Rank order the 9 ideas offered in the section in terms of which you will implement, from most likely to least likely. Explain why your top 3 were your top picks. OR b) Look at one of the school websites on pages 192-196. Write about what you see in that school’s approach that resonates with you. What will you implement from their philosophy or practice?

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