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Immigration in Europe

 Welcome to our course Wiki! This will be a showcase of your individual interests in 20th century Europe. For any of you who may not have worked on a Wiki before, it is basically a web page, or a collection of pages, on a specific topic that allows multiple people to edit it. Just scroll through the list of names below, select your name, and it will take you to your blank wiki page. On the upper right of that screen, select “Edit” and the empty box should then become the content editor window with a toolbar across the top. You may then edit it like any Word document, with the added features of easily adding audio and video content. The focus of your wiki page is the general topic that you chose when you signed up for a Wiki & Timeline Group. You should approach this project the same way you would a research paper — you will identify a set of questions about the subject and present your answers, but instead of writing all text, you will include images and appropriate audio/video content. You should expect to do the same amount of work for this as you would for a 7-8 page paper. You have already begun some of the research by working on the Timeline Assignment. The third Primary Source Assignment will also be related to your wiki topic. You should think of each of those as helping to build your wiki page. *. Europe has been experiencing its own immigration crisis in recent years, particularly with refugees from Syria, so you should be able to find a lot of information about it. Europe has not traditionally been the recipient of huge numbers of immigrants (unlike the US), and some countries have been a lot more welcoming than others.

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