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Analyze the relevant data from the computation, interpretation, and

*Analyze the strengths and limitations of examining a distribution of scores with a histogram. *Analyze the relevant data from the computation, interpretation, and application of z scores (Questions 1-6 ). *Analyze real-world application of Type I and Type II errors, and the research decisions that influence the relative risk of each (questions 7-9). *Apply the logic of null hypothesis testing to cases (questions 10-12). *Does not provide SPSS output (calculation of the z scores). . Original instructions: This assessment has three parts, each of which is described below. Submit all three parts as Word documents. Note: All the course documents you will need for the assessment are linked in the Resources section. Read Assessment 1 Context to learn about the concepts used in this assessment. This assessment uses the grades.sav file, found in the Resources for this assessment. The fictional data in the grades.sav file represent a teacher’s recording of student demographics and performance on quizzes and a final exam across three sections of the course. Each section consists of about 35 students (N = 105). There are 21 variables in grades.sav. To prepare for this assessment, complete the following:

Open your grades.sav file and navigate to the “Variable View” tab. Read the Data Set Instructions, and make sure you have the correct Values and Scales of Measurement assigned. Part 1: Histograms and Descriptive Statistics Your first IBM SSPS assessment includes two sections: Create two histograms and provide interpretations. Calculate measures of central tendency and dispersion and provide interpretations. Key Details and Instructions Submit your assessment as an attached Word document. Begin your assessment by creating a properly formatted APA title page. Include a reference list at the end of the document if necessary. On page 2, begin Section 1. Organize the narrative report with your SPSS output charts and tables integrated along with your responses to the specific requirements listed for that assessment. (See the Copy/Export Output Instructions in the Resources for instructions on how to do this.) Label all tables and graphs in a manner consistent with APA style and formatting guidelines. Citations, if needed, should be included in the text as well as a reference section at the end of the report.

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