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Sociology: Feminist theory

Term-Paper Guidelines

(A) Students are required to write a research or analytical paper, which should not exceed eight pages excluding references (see below for further guidelines). This paper is intended to help sharpen students’ research and critical-analytical skills.

(B) before you can start writing your paper. You will need to provide an outline of your proposal based on the following guidelines: (1) topic or title, (2) thesis sentence – your main argument, purpose or research question, and (3) sociological theory or concept guiding your proposed paper. (C) The outline should be submitted by February 13, 2019 and will be returned to you after one week. You will need to attach the approved outline to your final paper. (D) All sources cited should be referenced, using APA style or any other reference style (but remember to be consistent). References cited should be at least ten.

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